How the Muse helps Open GLAMs publish Apps and engage their audience in new ways.

The Muse is a great open source software platform to publish a native iPad app for digital libraries with API’s. It creates an intuitive and interactive end user experience from any good GLAM API, but more importantly, the Muse enables data owners to benefit from social curation, validation and sharing in a platform that enriches their meta-data and adds new relevancy and value to your digital library. The Muse creates new opportunities to engage users in meaningful and authentic dialogues via the connect, comment, favorite and share functionalities. So far two apps have been built with the Muse Platform.

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Available on gitHub

Inventing Europe


The Inventing Europe website is a pioneering collaboration between historians and cultural heritage institutions throughout Europe. Together, these national collections shape a transnational collective memory of Europe’s cultural heritage. The goal of the website is to cross borders and explore the history, culture and formation of Europe through the lens of technological objects and images.





About Inventing Europe App About Inventing Europe

Europeana Open Culture App



Explore Europe’s culture on your iPad!

The Europeana Open Culture app lets you explore hand-picked and beautiful image collections from some of Europe’s top cultural institutions. You can browse, share and download for free more than 350,000 high-resolution images from four themes: Maps and Plans, Images of the Past, Treasures of Art and Treasures of Nature.

Enjoy your cultural tour – it’s only a fingertip away!


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Europeana Open Culture app is built on the Muse platform. The platform’s code is open source, so, it is completely free to use and, even better, improve.

If you’re interested in having Muse built for your museum, the source code is available on GitHub. Your technical partner will know what to do with the code. If you don’t have a technical partner yet, we will be happy to help you.


About Europeana Europeana API Muse Platform Europeana Open Culture App on GitHub

Rijksmuseum Muse App

The Personal Mobile Museum

availableExplore the Rijksmuseum digital collection on the iPad in a new intuitive and interactive way. The App displays search results in a fast and easy to use format with small thumbnails with titles and discriptions that make it possible for you to sweep through up to 150 images in seconds. The filter function will narrow your results quickly so you can find what you want. Select the art work you want to know more about by touching the thumbnail then a large image will appear ready for you to explore, save and share. Use the Muse to:

  • Search and Browse the Rijksmuseum Collection wherever you are.
  • Collect related links from Wikipedia, Google, Youtube and Pintrest
  • Post comments about the art or related links for others to read
  • Add art works with the links you collected to your personal museum
  • Find out how you are connected to an art work through degrees of separation
  • Share your art works or your museum with friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Peechu print button to print and deliver anywhere in the world

The Muse uses Open Data provided by the Rijksmuseum API in co-operation with the Netherlands Open Cultuur Data initiative.



Glimworm IT

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Muse is developed by Glimworm IT, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. If you’re interested in developing a Muse for your museum or if you just want to know more about us, visit or contact us at


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